A Family of Products – Suited for Full Protection 1-895M Multi Channel Digital Vibration Switch 4-137 Series Vibration Sensor 1-809 Vibration Monitor & Transmitter C-CATS 8000 Monitoring System 1-895 Vibration Switch 1-157 Portable Vibration Meter 4-137 Durable Vibration Sensor Gauging Services 4-170/171 Piezoelectric Accelerometer & 1-328 Differential Charge Amplifier Introducing: Load Cells

About CEC Vibration Products

CEC Vibration Products (CEC) is a manufacturer of vibration sensors and condition monitoring equipment specialized for use in harsh environment applications. CEC provides a full line of self-generating velocity sensors, industrial and high temperature accelerometers, digital switches, transmitters, signal conditioners, remote displays, cables assemblies, and more, to measure, monitor, and provide critical machinery feedback of machinery health. CEC also provides unsurpassed strain-gauge application and engineering support for those customers that require a real solution for their gauged applications. CEC has a field-proven reputation for product reliability and support. This strong reputation is the paramount reason our worldwide industrial, military, aerospace, and marine customers choose CEC products for their critical machinery health measurements. Thank you for trusting CEC to bring quality to your field of operation.

Load Cells & Force Measurement

CEC offers state-of-the-art Stress Analysis for use in the design of our load cells, allowing for confident sensor application in the field.

New 4-137 Models

The 4-137 Series Vibration Sensor features an advanced ceramic bearing system for an extended service life. Learn More

Product Catalog

Our Product Catalog features everything you need to know about our latest sensors and instrumentation. Contact Us to request a copy.